Review: The Revolution 101 Balance Board Trainer

Balancing boards have been around for quite some time now and today, there are many different ones on the market that have been introduced.

Traditionally, these type of boards have been used to improve balance and fitness needs. Balance boards are small and don’t take up a whole lot of room, so you can use them almost anywhere – indoors and outdoors (many choose to use them inside, where it is nice and cool).

During our research on the different types of balance boards available, we came across the Revolution 101 Balance Board Trainer and learned a lot about it. Here’s what we know about the Revolution 101 Balance Board Trainer …

Who is This Product For?

To start with, we are going to take a look at who should be using this product. While this product could be for anyone who is interested in owning a balance board, the Revolution 101 balance board trainer would be best for balance board beginners or immediate riders. It can be used by any individual who is looking to bring their balance skills up to par.

Specifications of the Revolution 101 Balance Board Trainer

Full freedom of movement – there is a roller stop on the base, which will help keep you in control.

Great balance board for users interested in: Yoga, Skateboarding, Snowboarding, Surfing, Wake-boarding and Training.

Smooth Rolling – It offers smooth, lightweight rolling that reduces both sound and vibration.

Material – it is made from Bombproof 11-ply hardwood construction and has a top of the line finish and smooth design. It has a Soft-Trak gripped top deck, making it comfortable, even if you don’t have shoes on.

Made in the USA


  • The board size is: 30×11.5 inches
  • The roller diameter is around 4.5”

The Weight Limit

There’s no weight limit lifted, but surely, we know it can hold at least 180 pounds. It is made of high quality materials to protect both the board and the individual using it. Due to the construction being so thick, it may be able to hold more, but we’re not certain.

What Can The Revolution 101 Balance Board Trainer Do to Improve the Body?

Honestly, the power this balance board has is overlooked and in our honest opinion, it should be used in every athletes training routine. This board offers many benefits to balance training – here’s a short list of what it can do to improve your body:

Muscle Isolation – By using your stabilization muscles, your body is forced to isolate movements.

Neuromuscular Coordination – This involves your brain and muscles communicating as you are balance training. This improves the communication between the two, which will improve the reaction time as well as coordination.

Balance TrainingFocus – While you are using the balancing board, your focus will increase because you are forced to maintain a state of awareness in order to keep your balance.

Hip Stabilization – With this balancing board, you can do many exercises using the single leg drills. This is going to promote hip stabilization.

Injury Prevention – By using this balance board in order to improve your balancing, you will reduce the possibility of injuries, such as muscle injuries and ligament ruptures.

Core Stabilization – While balance training, you will be using a lot of your core muscle groups. In return, this is going to promote better athletic performance and improve your posture.

What others are Saying about the Revolution 101 Balance Board Trainer

At the time of writing this review, there was a total of 107 reviews posted on Amazon – these reviews lead to the product having a total of 4.8 out of 5 possible stars. With words such as “I am please,” “this is the best” and “I really love this board,” it is obvious that this is one of the top boards on the market.

The one negative comment we found states that it is dangerous on tile deck. The reviewer tried this product at the gym and loved it so much that he decided to buy one.

During the first use at home, he used it on tile deck and quickly fell. He believes there should be a warning about using this product on hard surfaces, like tile, so take this as the warning.

Revolution-101 Balance Board TrainerWhen using this board, don’t use it on a hard surface, like tile, and you will do just fine. No other reviewers have reported this problem – every other reviewer on Amazon seems to be happy with the product.

One person asked what the different between this roller not having grooves and the ones that do.

The difference is the fact that when the board, like this one, does not have groves, it offer more freedom to experiment and be more creative – the boards that have grooves on them don’t offer a whole lot of freedom and will lock your creativity.


Would I buy this product and recommend it to a friend? Of course I would, and I have. There are so many other balancing boards currently on the market, but I definitely have to put this one at the top of the list for a variety of reasons.


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